Brain Therapeutics

CERES BRAIN Therapeutics aims at unlocking the brain access for therapeutics

CERES BRAIN is dedicated to cure cerebral diseases by developing an innovative platform to administrate medicine to the brain via the olfactory & trigeminal nerves. First indication aims at delivering creatine to the brain and cure Creatine Transporter Deficiency syndrome, a rare untreated neurological disease responsible for global development delay, intellectual deficiency, pseudo autistic behaviors and seizures.


Our Drug candidate

CERES BRAIN Therapeutics ‘drug candidate, CBT101, is a creatine prodrug. It is administered in the nasal cavity, where it is captured by the olfactory & trigeminal nerves, regardless of the creatine transporter, bypassing the blood brain barrier

From these nerves, CBT101 reaches the olfactory bulb inside the brain and, then all other brain areas where it delivers the missing creatine to the neurons. CBT101 demonstrated its efficacy both in terms of creatine delivery and in preclinical improvement in a two different KO mice model of the Creatine Transporter Deficiency Syndrome.

Orphan drug designation

CERES BRAIN Therapeutics was granted ODD (orphan drug designation) by the EMA and the FDA. ODD status eases the development path, reducing regulatory fees, ensuring access to specific grants, and reducing the time to market.


CERES BRAIN Therapeutics, a spin-off of the CEA, was created in October 2019, by leading researchers in neurology, specialist of chemistry and blood brain barrier, a pharmacist, expert in bioanalytical chemistry, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and a Medical Doctor, former cardiac surgeon, with >10-year experience in business strategy.

The project started in 2013 within the F. Joliot laboratory of the CEA where CERES’ founders began to develop new pharmacological tools and strategies to study the passage of drugs into the brain through or avoiding the blood brain barrier.

The decision to launch CERES BRAIN as a spin-off from CEA was taken in 2018, thanks to positive results on the Nose-to-Brain delivery of their innovative compound to treat Creatine Transporter Deficiency in a KO mice model and positive feedback from pharma companies. The company was founded in October 2019 by Aloise Mabondzo, Sophie Dezard, Anne-Cécile Guyot, Henri Bénech, Thomas Joudinaud and the CEA.



CEO & Cofounder


Pharm.D, PhD
COO & Cofounder


Pharm.D, PhD
Research Director at CEA & Cofounder

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& Awards

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Our other projects

CERES BRAIN Therapeutics is working on preclinical proofs of concept for two other neurological diseases: a common diseases affecting the elderly and a rare infectious syndrome of the brain.


Thomas Joudinaud

Thomas Joudinaud MD, PhD is a medical doctor by training, former cardiac surgeon in Paris with a PhD from the University of Montana in the USA. Seeking new professional challenges, Thomas decided to switch career and move to strategy consulting for pharma companies.

He joined the Boston Consulting Group in Paris where he worked for 7 years, mainly on business strategy projects all over the world for pharma companies. Then, he joined AEC Partners, a Strategy Consulting Firm specialized in HealthCare, advising biotechs and startups. He is a board member of Osivax, a vaccine-focused BioTech company.


Henri Bénech

Henri Bénech Pharm.D., PhD is a former researcher in the fields of drug metabolism & Pharmacokinetics, also founder/leader of a pharmacological platform advising the pharmaceutical industry at the CEA. In 2012, Henri set up a business developer position in Life sciences of the CEA. Henri is also an expert in medicines pricing, having been a rapporteur at the French committee negotiating the prices of medicines (CEPS) for 5 years.

Henri is a member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy. He is co-founder and board member at Skymab Biotherapeutics.

PhD, Research director at CEA

Aloïse Mabondzo

Aloïse Mabondzo, PhD, Research director at CEA, expert in neuropharmacology, neuroinflammation and blood brain barrier physiopathology. After his PhD thesis in virology, Aloïse joined the CEA, in the Life Science Division, in May of 1998 as the leader of a neurovascular pharmacology Lab.

He coordinated different research programs in the neuroscience field. Aloïse is co-author of 51 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and also of 6 patents. He is the Scientific Director of CERES BRAIN